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Collapse BeefBeef
Collapse Portion CutPortion Cut
Beef Shanks 1.5 kg
Cattleman's Cutlet (500g)
Classic New York Steak (250g)
Eye Fillet (200g)
Rump Steak (250g)
T- Bone Steak (500g)
Veal Schnitzel - 1 pce
Collapse PreparedPrepared
Beef Burgers
Beef Mince - Premium Lean
Collapse SteakSteak
Collapse Mingary ParkMingary Park
Brisket - Mingary Park
BEEF - Rump - 40 Day Dry Aged
Beef Eye Fillet - Peppercorn Crusted
BEEF- Rib Eye - 40 Day Dry Aged (on Bone)
BEEF- Sirloin - 40 Day Dry Aged
Ham - Full Leg - Glazed (7-9 kg)
Ham - Full Leg - Glazed (9-11 kg)
Ham - Full Leg (7-9 kg)
Ham - Full Leg (9 -11 kg)
Porchetta - Rolled & Stuffed (1.5-2 kg)
Pork Loin - Rolled (with Crackling)
Turkey (2.6-3.5 kg)
Turkey (3.6-5 kg)
Turkey - Breast - Stuffed & Buttered
Turkey - Butter,Stuffed & Truss (2.6-3.5 kg)
Turkey - Butter,Stuffed & Truss (3.6- 5 kg)
Turkey - De-boned & Buttered (2.6-3.5 kg)
Turkey - De-boned & Buttered (3.6-5 kg)
Collapse Puddings Puddings
Christmas Pudding - 1 Kg
Christmas Pudding - 1.5Kg
Christmas Pudding - 2kg
Collapse Salads & ExtrasSalads & Extras
Cheese & Charcuterie Board - LARGE (35 people)
Cheese & Charcuterie Board - MEDIUM (20 people)
Cheese & Charcuterie Board - SMALL (10 people)
Chicken Liver Parfait
Duck Liver Pate w/ Cognac
Pate en Croute
SALAD - Pork Belly w/ Apple & Mint (Serves 5-6)
SALAD - Thai Chicken w/ Coconut Lime Dressing (Serves 5-6)
SALAD- Raw & Roasted Cauliflower (Serves 5-6)
SALAD- Tomato & Pomegranate (Serves 5-6)
Salmon - side of - Gravlax
Salmon - Side of- Smoked
TART MINI - Caramelised Garlic Tart
TART MINI - Very Full Vegetable Tart
TART WHOLE - Caramelised Garlic Tart
TART WHOLE - Very Full Vegetable Tart
Collapse Stuffing & stuffStuffing & stuff
Cranberry Relish
Ham - Gold Leaf
Ham Glaze
Stuffing - Pork, Prune & Pistachio (500g)
Stuffing - Sage Cranberry & Lemon (500g)
Collapse DeliDeli
Calabresse Salami (Extra Hot)
Dry Spanish Chorizo
Finocchiona Salami
Ham Hocks (smoked)
Sopressa Normale
Truffle Salami
Collapse ExtrasExtras
Collapse BonesBones
Collapse 18881888
Marrow Bones
Collapse Cheese and AccompanimentsCheese and Accompaniments
Collapse DairyDairy
Butter - Cafe De Paris
Pepe Saya - Butter
Collapse CondimentCondiment
Collapse Peter WatsonPeter Watson
Mint Jelly
Mint Sauce
Collapse GiftGift
Gift Card $100
Gift Card $20
Gift Card $50
Collapse SaltSalt
Olssons Truffle Salt
Saltbird- Kaffir Lime & Chilli
Saltbird- Rosemary
Collapse SauceSauce
Collapse Peter WatsonPeter Watson
Tomato Sauce
Collapse LambLamb
Collapse LambLamb
Collapse KyleKyle
Lamb - Chump Chop
Lamb - Cutlets (Frenched)
LAMB - Leg
Lamb - Loin chops
LAMB - Rack
Lamb - Rump
Lamb - Shoulder
Lamb - Shoulder - Rolled
Lamb Forequarter Rack
Lamb Mince
Lamb shanks
Collapse Portion CutPortion Cut
Lamb - Cutlet (Frenched- 60g/ pce)
Lamb - Loin chop (~92g/pce)
LAMB - Rack (Whole- 550g)
Lamb Shanks - individual (~350g)
Collapse preparedprepared
LAMB- Rack- Pistachio & Mint crust
Collapse PorkPork
Collapse PorkPork
Collapse Bangalow Sweet PorkBangalow Sweet Pork
Pork Belly - BSP
Pork Cutlets - BSP
Pork Loin Chops - BSP
Pork Mince - BSP
Pork US Spare Ribs
Collapse Portion CutPortion Cut
Pork Cutlets (240g/ pce)
Pork Loin Chops (245g /pce)
Collapse preparedprepared
Collapse BSPBSP
Bacon - BSP
Collapse PoultryPoultry
Collapse ChickenChicken
Chicken - Whole - Online
Chicken Breasts
Chicken Tenderloins
Chicken Thigh
Collapse preparedprepared
Chicken Breast Kebabs
Chicken- Crumbed tenderloins
Chicken Schnitzel
Collapse Prepared FoodPrepared Food
Lamb Sausage Roll
PIE - 1888 Chunky Angus- Family
Collapse Sausage/BurgersSausage/Burgers
Collapse BeefBeef
Beef Burger - 130g
SAUSAGE Pure Beef- Thick
SAUSAGE Pure Beef- Thick (4 pack)
SAUSAGE Pure Beef - Thin
SAUSAGE Pure Beef - Thin (6 pack)
Collapse LambLamb
SAUSAGE - Lamb M & H - Kyle
Collapse PorkPork
SAUSAGE- Classic Pork (4 pack)
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