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Free Range Lamb Leg in a Bag



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Brand: 1888

An 1888 Certified Classic

Our Free Range Grass fed and finished lamb leg prepared and ready to cook. The lamb comes in an oven bag with either of 1888's 2 recipes (Balsamic or Lemon marinade) ready for the oven. The end result is beautifully cooked lamb that falls off the bone with fantastic flavour and texture.

Please indicate in the order notes section whether you would like Balsamic or Lemon marinade.

The leg on average will weigh 2 to 2.5Kg , Marinade and Fresh herbs will add around 500g to the weight of the leg.

Cooking: Depending on the weight of the Leg you will need to cook it for 3-4.5 hrs.
It's the easiest & cleanest way to slow cook .

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Price:$63.25per Each
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