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Gnocchi - Ricotta, Lemon & Parmesan - 400gram serve



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Brand: Avalon

A traditional Florentine pasta, 1888's ricotta, lemon & parmesan gnocchi is the lighter, tastier cousin to northern Italy’s potato gnocchi. This gnocchi cooks up as soft, mild-flavored dumplings. They make a great base for any sauce.

Gnocchi freezes very well and will keep for one month. (After that, they’re still safe to eat, but the “fresh” quality diminishes.) Store in a freezer bag or container. Frozen gnocchi can be put directly into boiling water to cook.

Seving size: Ane average serve is 150 grams / person

Serving suggestion: Serve with 1888's Pesto sauce, some of our fantastic parmesan & garlic bread

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