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Free Range Scotch Fillet



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Brand: 1888

The Scotch Fillet is a boneless prime rib, also known as an "Entrecote" or "Rib-Eye".
The "Scotchie" is regarded as the epitome of steaks due to its flavour and texture. Generally cut so that the fat is in the middle of the steak so that it melts through the meat as you cook.

Free range, grass fed and finished, hormone and antibiotic free Bristish breed steers. One of the best cuts you can get. Made better by 1888 Certified's quality assurance program. Guaranteeing you ethically & sustainably produced livestock that has been raised on lush pasture and fresh, clean water.

Cooking: for best results serve medium so that the marbling renders out during cooking ensuring great flavour. Grill, Pan Fry or BBQ

approximately 250g per steak

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