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Free Range Beef Shank



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Brand: 1888

The Shin is one of the most under rated cuts from our grass fed & finished Steers. It's priced as a budget cut but delivers all the flavour and texture of cuts worth three times the price.

Shanks need very slow cooking but in return delivers a superb flavour and the marrow bone causes syrupy gravy thickening and mouth watering flavouring for the sauce.

It is located from either lower part of the front quarter shin or back quarter (rear leg).

Cooking: Long, Low & Slow. Roast or stew

Portion size: Each Shank weighs approximately 1.5Kg . 1 Shank should feed a family of 4 if you add some vegetables.

Shank x 1 = 1.5 Kg
Shank x 2 = 3.0 Kg
Shank x 3 = 4.5 Kg
Shank x 4 = 6.0 Kg

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